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Glycerin Oil with Oud - 100ml

Glycerin Oil with Oud - 100ml

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All our glycerin products are free from harmul chemicals which are allergic to skin.


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Why use Glycerin

Glycerin is an effective Moisturizer

Not only does it help to retain moisture in the skin, it also attracts water from air into the top layer of the skin to provide additional hydration.

Glycerin can soften and smooth your skin

Glycerins hydrating properties can help to create a smoother and bright looking appearance to your skin.

Glycerin can improve your complexion

As a lightweight, it does not clog the skins pores and even supports the skins exfoliation process.

Glycerin has some skin protection properties

As an all rounder, Glycerin can help to protect the skins natural barrier and provide protection against skin irritants.

Glycerin is gentle, well-tolerated and works for all skin types

Glycerin creates a calming sensation and it particularly effective for dry, cracked, or dehydrated skin but can also be used for sensitive skin.