Collection: Glycerin Soap

  • With valuable ingredients such as milk and almond oil
  • Cleans and cares for all skin types
  • Has a soothing effect

The mildly foaming soap with a variety of natural ingredients gently cleanses the skin and preserves the skin's own protective functions. In addition, the wonderful scent exudes pleasantly fragrant in the room.

Bring the exotic scent of the Middle East into your home. The Bebecom glycerin soap is a guarantee for gentle skin cleansing and wonderful suppleness after body care. Glycerin helps keep your skin moisturized. Nourishing ingredients such as milk, honey and almond oil make your skin glow.

Lather the bar of soap between your hands or on your body, adding water, and apply to the desired area. Rub in gently and then wash off with water. Recommended for daily body care.